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Dinorwic Lake Walleye Fishing:

Dinorwic Lake is a very special lake. It's a big lake with over 18,000 acres of prime Walleye habitat. The lake is dotted with hundreds of islands and there are many back bays, rocky points and weedy plateaus where you will find an abundance of Walleyes. Even though Dinorwic Lake's shoreline exhibits the beautiful and classic Canadian Shield structure with breathtaking outcroppings of rocks, it's not a deep bottomless pit like many Northwestern Ontario lakes. Dinorwic Lake is shallow for it's size thus in the spring the water warms up faster, which produces a longer growing season for all species of fish including baitfish and aquatic insects. As a result, our Walleyes have more to eat and a longer season of aggressive feeding before becoming lethargic in the cold winter water. This means we have more Walleyes than most lakes and bigger Walleyes. It also means it's an easy lake to fish.

Combine these factors with the fact that Wabigoon River flows into Dinorwic carrying food and other nutrients, you can be assured that Dinorwic Lake will be one of the best Walleye Lake you have every fished.

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Walleyes are common in the 1 to 3-pound range. It's easy to catch smaller Walleyes for shore lunch. That's something you never have to worry about. Our guests also catch walleyes in the 4 to 6-pound range consistently but they are not as common as the smaller Walleyes. Dinorwic Lake is also a lake where you can expect to catch something big. Off weed lines and off rocky points are the prime spots for Walleyes. In the spring you will catch more big Walleyes in the shallow water than during the summer. The main reason is the big trophy Walleyes are usually female and only stay in shallow water in the spring. During the summer, the big females will stay off the points and weed lines in deeper water and then come in to shore in the evening. If you are after a trophy, you just need to fish 10 feet deeper during the day in the summer or troll along the shore in the evening and during the night.

Walleyes in the 7 to 10-pound range, which are usually 25 to 31-inches, do get caught throughout the summer. Occasionally we get bigger walleyes over 12 pounds. There are bigger Walleyes in the lake and there is no reason why a 15 to 20-pound Walleye cannot be produced. Walleyes that size would be extraordinary and would end up making it into the local newspaper. When specifically hunting down big Walleyes during the summer you need to fish deeper or out in open water and troll around suspended schools of baitfish. You are sacrificing numbers for size so we suggest you catch a hundred Walleyes to get it out of your system and then go for the big ones.

On an average day you should be able to catch 20 to 30 Walleyes. Then there are good days where you hit the right spots and catch 40 or 50. In the past we have had guests tell us they have caught 100 Walleyes in a day but generally that would be from concentrating on areas with a high population of smaller Walleyes. The bigger a Walleye gets, the more of a loner it becomes.

Most guests go Walleye fishing in the morning then spend the afternoon hunting down Muskie, Northerns and Smallmouth. Trying to reach your magic "Walleye Number" and ignoring other species of fish means you are not taking advantage of this awesome fishery. We want your stay with us to be the best fishing trip ever.