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Dinorwic Area Lake Fishing Fishing:

Dinorwic Lake produces awesome fishing for five species. But it doesn't end there. There is still more. Lake Trout are just beyond our banks.

Our customers can choose from a variety of Lake Trout lakes in the area where you can tow your boat and launch your boat at a public boat launch. You can use one of our boats as well. Lake Trout can be found in great numbers and good sizes in Thunder Lake, Stormy Lake and Trout Fly Lake. These lakes are from ten to forty minutes from camp or you can us our boat cache on Peak Lake. The portage to Peak Lake is at the waterfalls on Dinorwic Lake. You can use a small motor from camp or bring your own and the boat is already up there.

Lake Trout Fishing Video is below

Lake Trout are great eating and they are good for you too as their meat is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. If you have a small motor that can troll really slow; Lake Trout are easy to catch all summer long. Please take a look at our light tackle deepwater trout tips to see how we get them. In the spring and fall, Lake Trout are usually just under the surface and can be taken while casting or trolling with Mepps Cyclopes, Little Cleos or other casting spoons.

Lake Trout are common in the 2 to 10-pound in local lakes. They are not monsters but they are a lot of fun to catch. The max limit is 2 fish per license and in September only one can be over 22 inches.

People who do not fish for Lake Trout all the time seem to pick up false information about Lake Trout. Here are some facts that may contradict what you have heard. Lake Trout are not fatty or oily. They taste fantastic and the flavor is far superior to Salmon or Rainbow Trout. Lake Trout are ferocious predators and can be very aggressive. Just like other fish, some fight really hard and others seem to give up early. Lake Trout can reach great sizes with the Ontario record being 63 pounds. It's rare to see them over 10 pounds in our area.

Many of our customers catch so many Walleye and Pike that some time during the week they would like to catch something new and different. Lake Trout fishing is one of the options that they have.