• Musky
  • Northern Pike
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Perch, Crappie & Trout

    Walleye Fishing

    Walleyes are common in the 1 to 3-pound range. Our guests also catch walleyes in the 4 to 6-pound range consistently but they are not as common as the smaller Walleyes.

    Walleyes in the 7 to 10-pound range, which are usually 25 to 31-inches, do get caught throughout the summer. Occasionally we get bigger walleyes over 12 pounds. There are bigger Walleyes in the lake and there is no reason why a 15 to 20-pound Walleye cannot be produced.

    On an average day you should be able to catch 20 to 30 Walleyes. Then there are good days where you hit the right spots and catch 40 or 50. In the past we have had guests tell us they have caught 100 Walleyes in a day.

  • Musky Fishing

    There have been four Musky in history to officially weigh over 60 pounds and three of those Musky have been caught in Ontario.

    Musky in the 30 to 40-inch range are common and you may catch between 2 to 10 in a day if you target them. Musky in the 40 to 50-inch range are not as common but many of our guests enjoy catching multiple fish in this size range during a week of fishing. Each year guests bring in Musky in the 50 to 55-inch range and on rare occasions catch 56 or even 57-inch Musky. Dinorwic Lake and Wabigoon Lake are among the top Musky Fishing Lakes in Ontario.

    Northern Pike Fishing

    Northern Pike in Dinorwic Lake tend to concentrate at the mouth of narrows, mouths of streams, around islands and rocky shoals as well as rocky points that are leading into weedy bays. You will also find them in the thick weeds but generally, the larger Northern Pike stay out of the weeds unless they are feeding on smaller Pike.

    You will catch hoards of Northern Pike in the 5 to 12 pound range. You should catch a couple in the 13 to 20 pound range during a week of fishing. Every year a couple of Northerns in the 25 pound range get caught.

    Smallmouth Bass Fishing

    If you specifically fish for Smallmouth Bass in the summer, then you should get a couple at every rocky point or shoal and as the day progresses you should be able to catch between 20 and 30 good size bass.

    Smallmouth Bass are common in the 2 to 4-pound range on Dinorwic Lake. There are lots of Smallmouth Bass in the 4 to 5-pound range and once in a while guests run into a 6 or 7-pound bass but they are rare. To most fisherpersons Smallmouth Bass is a sport fish. Some guests like to eat bass and Smallmouth Bass in the 2-pound area are the best eating.

    Perch, Crappie & Lake Trout Fishing

    Within a few miles of camp there are some backcountry Lake Trout lakes and some bigger trout lakes with public boat launches. Lake Trout fishing is excellent with Lake Trout averaging around 3 pounds with bigger trophies up to 25 pound being available.

    The weedbeds on both Dinorwic Lake and Wabigon Lake are stuffed with hoards of Perch and Crappie. Both Perch and Crappie can get close to a pound on our lakes.

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