• Whitetail Deer
  • Moose
  • Grouse & Small Game

    Black Bear Hunting

    Black Bears average 300 pounds in our BMA, which is much larger then the Ontario average. Every years guests harvest bears in the 400 to 500 pound mark and occasionally pushing 600 pounds.

    Our bear hunting guests enjoy a 100% sighting and have the confidence to pass on smaller bears to wait for the big old males. We only take a limited amount of hunters each fall to prevent over-harvesting and maintain the unbelievable bear hunting.

  • Whitetail Deer Hunting

    The Dinorwic and Dryden areas have become legendary for Whitetail Deer Hunting. Deer hunters from all over North America have been taking notice of all the wild trophy bucks that have been harvested with a few that scored very close to the Hanson Buck. Not only is there a high population of Whitetail Deer; Whitetail Bucks in our area are very large with thick muscular bodies and big racks.

    All our hunts are in WMU 9A and WMU 8. We offer an unguided do-it-yourself hunt, which is basically just a cabin rental hunt. Our hunters report 95% sightings on nice bucks and 50% choose to harvest a buck to brag about. We also offer a full-service fully-guided hunt on private land. Hunters taking advantage of our private land hunts have enjoyed 100% success so far. We have had some really impressive bucks with many of them over 250 pounds dress weight. If you look at our photo gallery, you will see the bucks in our area have thick necks and nice racks.

    Moose Hunting

    Bull Moose in our area usually average between 1000 and 1200 pounds. There are quite a few Moose in the 1300-pound range and every once in a while a Bull Moose as big as 1500 pounds is harvested. There have been reports of Moose close to 2000 pounds in Ontario, which were hit and killed by transport trucks but a Moose that size would be next to unbelievable and you cannot expect to see one that big.

    Due to the high population of Moose in our area, our guests can still get a chance at hunting one of these giants. We have a limited number of Adult Moose tags for WMU 15A and WMU 5. Calf tags are always available.

    Ruffed Grouse Hunting

    The grouse are plentiful and the logging roads are endless. Enjoy a relaxing day strolling the back trails for Spruce and Ruffled Grouse or Pheasant.

    Duck & Goose Hunting: We have a variety of ducks to choose from (Rails, Common Moorhens, American Coots, Common Snipe) and abundance of rice beds to hunt them in.

    Small Game Hunting: Small game includes fox, game birds (except wild turkey), rabbits and hare in most areas, raccoon, wolf, coyote and black, grey and fox squirrels but not red squirrels. Small game licenses are available at our camp. Seasons vary so check Hunting Regulations for details.

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