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Northwestern Ontario Black Bear Hunting

Ontario is the top Black Bear hunting destination in the world and we are fortunate to have one of the very best Bear Management Areas in the province.

The terrain in our BMA (Bear Management Area) is ideal for Black Bears to prosper. Overgrowth of softwood and grasses, logged areas and natural clear areas are all prime areas where Raspberries grow in great abundance. The many rocky outcroppings of Canadian Shield Rock covered with mosses are prime areas for Blueberries to grow. These fruits are very important for a balanced diet that the bears need from the time they are cubs until they reach maturity in order to be healthy, strong and grow big. Their diets are also supplemented with the high amounts of small game in the area. Since the fall of the fur trade, the beaver population is way up and they are easy prey for bears, thus meat is always available. The high population of Whitetail Deer and Moose also makes the bear's predation successful. The bears will take Moose calves and fawns when ever available. They also prey on older sick animals.

As a result of the availability of food, our hunting guests harvest some of the biggest Black Bears in Ontario. Black Bears average 300 pounds in our BMA, which is much larger then the Ontario average. Every years guests harvest bears, which reach close to the 600-pound mark. Bears that big are just not available in most places in Ontario. We don't want you to think every guest gets the opportunity to harvest a 600-pound Black Bear but we do want you to know there is a chance. Having that chance builds anticipation, which makes your bear hunt exciting and adventurous.

Our bear hunting guests enjoy a 100% sighting and have the confidence to pass on smaller bears to wait for the big old males. We only take a limited amount of hunters each fall to prevent over-harvesting and maintain the unbelievable bear hunting. As a result of our conservation efforts, there is a 2 to 8 year waiting list to hunt our BMA. We understand it's hard to plan years ahead of time so we make things a little easier and do not require a reservation until 9 months prior. The important thing is to get your name on the list.

The hunt includes heated housekeeping cabin, pre-hunt orientation, and transportation to and from baited & hunters' stands help with removal and skinning, freezing of meat & hide. Meals, hunting and fishing license and export permit are extra. The season starts mid-August and ends mid-October. Rifle, Shotguns, Archery or Muzzle-loader can be used.

On rare occasions, Black Bears with color variations like the cinnamon bear below are harvested but you cannot expect to see them this far east.