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Northwestern Ontario Moose Hunting:

Our area has a very healthy population of Moose and they get big. The Ministry of Natural Resources performs Moose assessment studies every few years and this dictates the amount of adult tags that are issued for non-resident hunters. Most lodges in Ontario have been reduced to one adult tag and in some cases zero adult tags. Due to the high population of Moose in our area, our guests can still get a chance at hunting one of these giants. We have a limited number of Adult Moose tags for WMU 15A and WMU 5. Calf tags are always available.

This is also an enjoyable area to hunt. There are many game trails, ATV trails and old logging roads your can walk or drive down and get a clear shot without walking through thick scratching bush. The open areas along these trails provide fresh grasses for the Moose to feed on, which attracts Moose to be out in the open. Not only can you get a good clean shot, it's more humane for the Moose to receive a quick-kill shot.

Moose in our area are often a cross breed of the Eastern Moose and the western Moose, which is also called the Alaskan Moose. Bull Moose in our area usually average between 1000 and 1200 pounds. There are quite a few Moose in the 1300-pound range and every once in a while a Bull Moose as big as 1500 pounds is harvested. There have been reports of Moose close to 2000 pounds in Ontario, which were hit and killed by transport trucks but a Moose that size would be next to unbelievable and you cannot expect to see one that big.

Working together, we can help you plan out the hunting experience that's once in a lifetime. Check the moose details page for the base rate. We can put together any combination of hunting packages with Bull and Calf tags for Moose. These packages include heated housekeeping cabin, pre-hunt orientation, maps, tracking & pick up of game. Guides are not required in our hunting units but are available at the going rate.

Meals, processing, export permit, hunting and fishing licenses are extra.

The season starts mid-September for Archery and mid-October for Rifle and all ends on November 15th.