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Dinorwic Lake Perch & Crappie Fishing:

Dinorwic Lake is shallower and a little warmer than most lakes in Northern Ontario. It's healthy thick weed beds, rich forage base and many other features make it a virtual Jumbo Perch factory. Perch can be caught in great numbers as well as good sizes. Some customers come across schools of Perch that are the size of small Walleyes.

With a sport fishing license, you can take home 50 Perch, which means a big fish-fry for your family and friends upon your return. Another thing that should be mentioned is the taste of our perch. The meat is white and cooks up fluffy. Our Perch don't have the gray semi-opaque meat that Perch is big deep lakes can have.

Black Crappie are found in Dinorwic Lake and they are steadily increasing in numbers. Even though Crappie are considered a foreign species, they are not being treated as an invasive species. Nobody knows how they got into Dinorwic Lake. They were first caught in the Kawartha Lakes in Southern Ontario and have been slowly heading north and west.

The Crappie in Dinorwic Lake can get big with some reaching 14 inches. If you have never eaten Crappie, you should give them a try. They are prized in the southern and mid-western states for their sweet meat. The limit with a sports license is 15.