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Black Bear Hunting Details

Bear Hunting Dates: The non-resident bear season starts August 15 every year and runs until October 15th. We take hunters only in early September and only six hunters per year. These two facts are key to our 100% sightings rate. Hunts will be performed on our two exclusive Bear Management Area (BMA), which consists of about two hundred square kilometers or about 120 square miles of prime Black Bear habitat.


Bear Hunting Package Includes:

Cabin for the week, fully equipped for housekeeping, Pre-baited stands, Orientation on hunting area, Retrieval and skinning assistance and Freezer service. We also include a boat, motor & gas as most all our hunters have three to four days to fish after their hunt in over. The hunter can bring any non-restricted firearm but all the stands and baits are set up with the archer in mind.

Not Included in Bear Hunt:

Export Fee, Firearms Declaration Form - Call (1-800-731-4000), Non-residence hunting/fishing licenses, outdoors card, Bear Skinning and butchering, food and Tax.

License and outdoors cards are available at Pine Sunset Lodge.

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Forms are available by emailing, or by calling 1-800-731-4000 (Canada and U.S.) or 1-506-624-5380 (other countries) and from all Customs offices across Canada. Visit the RCMP web site for more information

What To Bring Bear Hunting:

Warm Clothes (Never know what the temperature will be in September), Hunter Orange hat and vest (camo orange is not acceptable in Ontario), any camo pattern clothing, face paint or camo game face gear, head net, Previous hunting license CN or US, Weapon of choice, gun, bow or crossbow Soft gun sock or bow case, Scent lock suit/Scent Killer, Rain Gear, Extra Footware/Gloves, Flash lights (Batteries), Binoculars, Coolers & Freezer Bags for meat, Hunting knife/sharpener, Fishing rods and tackle, Food & Drink.

Color and Size:

There has been only two color phase bear taken in the last few years but there are some with a white chest. The average weight is 300lbs and the largest was 600lbs.

How It Works:

Pine Sunset Lodge runs a top notch Bear Hunting program. Because of our 100% opportunity the hunts sell out 2-8 years ahead. The best way to get in on this exhilarating hunt is to sign up for the next available year. No money is collected until nine months before your scheduled hunt. At that time 50% will be due to lock in a date for your hunt. After payment a hunting packet will be mailed or emailed with firearm declaration forms and general information. When you arrive you are oriented with the laws and issued your license. Then you are taken on a bait run and oriented with each stands activity. Trail cams, stands and baiting has been set for weeks ahead. Hunters will be placed on productive stands only. Most hunters will shoot or at least see a bear shortly after being introduced to their stand. A return trip back to camp with a filled tag is many a time well before sunset.

Because hunts sign up years ahead there is a possibility of a turn back. If this happens we go to our pool of call backs to be considered for the hunt. Hunters must call or email to be placed in the pool and have the option of accepting or declining the hunt if called. Declining a hunt will not affect your position in the pool.