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Whitetail Deer Hunting Details

Unguided Whitetail Deer Hunting Package:


Not included in Cabin Rental: firearm declaration Call (1-800-731-4000), non-resident hunting or fishing license/outdoors card, export permit, ladder stands or ground blinds work best, firearm and ammo, hunting gear and clothing, meals, butchering, field orientation, field assistance, maps - order ahead.

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Forms are available by emailing, or by calling 1-800-731-4000 (Canada and U.S.) or 1-506-624-5380 (other countries) and from all Customs offices across Canada. Visit the RCMP web site for more information

How It Works:

Planning: Pine Sunset Lodge has a limited number of heated housekeeping cabins for hunting. Most cabins will sleep 4-8 hunters with a 14 bed bunkhouse. The number of hunters in camp will depend on the group sizes. One group per cabin. Once you have your group together call for available dates. Dates run from Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday depending on what is available. Deposit of $100 per hunter is required to guarantee cabin. Preparing: On confirmation of reservation a hunting packet is sent with all the map ordering information, firearm declaration and other important information. We are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Arrival: If you plan on arriving at camp in the early AM your cabin may not be ready but you can drop your stuff and go hunting. In this case you must stop for your license before you get to camp or pick it up at a local retailer on your way back out. Once cabins are ready the camp office will open and licenses can be bought at camp. If you have a map and want some direction that will be offered free. A field orientation (3-5 hours) is available for and should be scheduled ahead of time.

Four Wheel Drive Truck or ATV: All hunting areas are accessed thru logging roads. Four wheel drive truck is recommended. ATV's can be used but are not necessary. There are no ATV trails from camp to the hunting unit. ATV's must be trailered to the logging roads. If you use an ATV you must wear a helmet. No special permit is needed.

What to Bring for your Deer Hunting Trip: The following is a list of what we feel is important to remember to bring.

New or old hunting license so you can get an outdoors hunting card and Ontario License. Once you have done this and have your outdoors card you are in the system and then only need to renew when expired. Bring expired card to renew.

Good warm layered clothing. Hunting in Northwestern Ontario, whether it be September or November, can expose you to a wide variety of weather conditions and temperatures. Hunters must be prepared for extreme cold to seasonably mild temperatures. Hunter orange vest or coat and hat - has to be solid orange, not camo patterned

· Rifle: A 308 or 30/06 is a minimum caliber but a 270 or comparable is recommended as there may be some 400 yard clear cuts. Muzzleloader: Any type of muzzleloader. Scopes are legal. Bow: a 40lb+ bow for private land hunt. (50lb to 60lb recommended)

· Any calls, rattles or scent eliminators etc. No natural doe sent. Synthetic only.

· Trigger lock and or a secure case for storing firearms.

· Soft rifle case or gun sock for transporting firearms outside of legal hunting times.

· All food, beverages, sleeping bag, towels, cleaning and personal items for housekeeping.

· Thermos, Flashlight, GPS (strongly recommended), good warm boots, hand and foot warmers and Walkie Talkies are useful.


Private Land Whitetail Deer Hunting Package:

Private Land Deer Hunt Unit 8 only.

If you are interested in a private land hunt, contact us now. This is a good hunt for archers, first timers, kids 16 years and older, semi-handicapped, elderly or anyone else.

There are a limited number of archery, muzzleloader and rifle private land hunts.

CALL OR EMAIL FOR RATE plus cabin rental fee outlined above.

Minimum occupancy charge applies.

September 15th - Thirds week of October two person minimum cabin charge.

Last week of October - December 15th four person minimum cabin rental charge.

Not included in Private Land Hunt: Firearm declaration Call (1-800-731-4000), export permit, hunting/fishing license, outdoor card, transportation to and from camp and private land base camp, meals, firearm & ammo, hunting gear and clothing, butchering.

Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Forms are available by emailing, or by calling 1-800-731-4000 (Canada and U.S.) or 1-506-624-5380 (other countries) and from all Customs offices across Canada. Visit the RCMP web site for more information

FYI: There are several restaurants between Pine Sunset Lodge and the private land hunting area to have supper after your hunt.

Please Note: Do not sign the firearms declaration until customs agent asks you to.

Hunting Location: Pine Sunset Lodge sits in the northwestern corner of unit 9A and Dinorwic Lake splits units 8 and 9A. We do not hunt islands or from the lake. Map ordering information is included in the hunting packet.

We are flexible with arrival and departure dates and times. After a week's stay extra nights can be added, if available, at a discounted rate.

Licenses: outdoors card applications and licenses are available at Pine Sunset Lodge.