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How to Make a Texas Rig or Carolina Rig:

Step 1) Get yourself a slip sinker, a bass hook with a medium to long shank and a bass rubber. I have used a red rubber because it looks neat on the Internet but I have actually never caught a bass using these red rubbers. I like to use White, Black or worm color.

Step 2) Stick your hook into the rubber.

Step 3) Pull the hook right through so the eye of the hook (where you tied the line on) is hidden inside the rubber.

Step 4) Twist the hook around 180 degrees and then shove the hook back into the rubber. Just put the hook in deep enough that you have broken the surface on the other side but do not have the hook sticking out. The whole idea it to keep the rig weed-less or snag-less.

Step 5) For a Texas Rig, leave the sinker to slid down right to the hook.

Step 6) For a Carolina Rig, slide the slip sinker up the link about 6 to 12 inches and then place a little split shot on the line to hold the sinker in place.

Using the Rigs:

With the rigs above, you don't just cast out into the weeds and reel in. You have to have fun with it. Pretend your Texas or Carolina rig is a bug that is exploring the weeds. Let it sink to the bottom, let it slide over logs and Lily Pads, let it pull through thick grass. Make your rig look like a living creature that is searching for food among the grasses and weeds. Let the bass think it's an unsuspecting food item. The more natural you make your rig act, the greater chance you will get a strike.

These rigs are traditionally used for Largemouth Bass but they work great for Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass like to spawn in areas where there is sand and dead rotting logs on the bottom. The decaying logs help regulate the alkalinity of the water thus helping the survival of the eggs. Smallmouth Bass will still hang around these areas when the season first opens. Smallmouth Bass will also go into the thick weeds to hide from Muskie and Pike. Generally, you want to use the Texas Rig where there are a lot of sticks and logs in the water. The Carolina Rig is best used in thick weed cover.